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Creating Dimensional, Liveable, Beautiful  hair colour we are known for all tailored to you


Lived In Hair Colour

Using a combination of balayage and foil work creating soft, seamless, sun-kissed results.

A dimensional look with the lowest salon maintenance.

The end result  can be more of a natural result or more high contrast.


Great for low maintenance salon guests.

These colours are usually done every 12 - 14 weeks, with a glaze maintenance appointment recommended in between.

Service To Book | Balayage


A modern upgrade from your traditional foil or highlights. A root melt, tap or smudge allows a more seamless grow out. 

From warm honey blondes to cool icy blondes.

A blonde guest appointments range from 8-10 weeks.

We recommend a full every other appointment if you go 8 weeks with a toner maintenance appointment to maintain the tone you love.

Service To Book | Full or Partial Highlights



Looking to maintain your brunette base and not be over highlighted. We have specialist artists for that too.

Wanting a full rich brunette or add some dimensional foils in. Tailored to your preference from mushroom brunettes to caramel and honey highlights. 

Full Colour Brunettes have a 6-8 week recommended revisit appointments for a root retouch. 

Service To Book | Full Colour

Dimensional Brunettes have a 10-12 week recommended revisit.

Service To Book | Balayage


Vivids & Pastels

From bright colour melts to soft pastels. We have specialist in vivid and pastels. Often here for a fun time not a long time. Usually they require an appointment every 4-6 weeks to maintain tone.

These colours do require a consultation for the first time before booking as they may need to lightened first. 


Coppers & Reds

From cowboy coppers, fiery reds to soft kissed strawberry blondes. With hair artists who specialize in these colours. They will find the perfect shade to help achieve your copper / red hair dreams. 

Depending on your starting point or depth of red lightening may be required. 

Service To Book | Full Colour or Balayage

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