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Breanne Dorish

Advanced Junior Stylist

A Bit About Me

Breanne is one of our advanced junior hair artists. She has 

 Working closely with Orla as her mentor. She accelerated through the Eaus Associate Programme.

A natural talent for all things hair and a quick study. Her calm demeanour and attention to detail are just two of Breanne's amazing traits.   

With sparkly brunettes and lived-in colours, textured hair cuts, dimensional blondes and men's cuts. Breanne will be your new go-to girl. Breanne also has two dachshund dogs.

Work Experience



Coffee Order

Coppers & Reds

Blended Blondes

Certified X4 Extension Methods

Redken Fusion | International Artists

Sam Villa | Bob & Fringe Class

Ronnie Stam Oribe Creative Director | Cutting & Styling Class

Danielle Wulff | Cutting Principles 

Max Gourgues | Dimesional Colour Class

Farhana Premji | Signature Balayage Masterclass

Iced Peach Green Tea / Iced Matcha Lemonade

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