What is Protein?

Protein. We hear about it when we are talking about it when it comes to nutrition and weight loss. But how does it relate to our hair?

Well, we are here to give you the 411 on the importance of protein for your hair, and to break down some myths and give you the real facts!

Protein is one of the many components that hair is made up off. In fact, protein takes up a major percentage of the hair composition, meaning that protein makes up most of your hair!  The protein present in hair is called keratin. This is why protein should be such a big factor in our hair regimes. 

When protein starts lacking in our hair it becomes weak and brittle, resulting in breakage. Something we all want to avoid. There’s nothing worse than seeing a distressed head of tassels!

So, what causes a lack or decreasing presence of protein in the hair? 

Well, here come some scary facts. Traditionally, one would automatically think of chemicals as being the one single factor to cause weak and brittle hair. We know it takes chemicals to get that perfect dreamy blonde and that dimensional caramel brunette. You’re on the right path, but that’s  not even close to being the only factor! 

Most colouring affects the condition of the hair (this is a whole other blog alone, stay tuned). That’s right! Even when we are covering up those grays, we cause 5-15 per cent in damage. And as you can imagine, the lighter you go, the higher the increase in damage and the less healthy protein you will have in your hair.

I have uncoloured hair so I don’t have that issue!

Unfortunately that may not be the case. This is what we stylists like to call mechanical damage. This covers damage through the use of hot tools like your blow dryer, straightner and curling iron. So please also use a hot tool heat protection! Hint hint, one that protects up to 450. Just ask and we can help you find the best one for your hair!

Does the climate I live in affect my hair?

Yes - the third and final contributor is environmental. That’s right! Anything from extreme heat, to the bitter cold can cause your hair to become weak. Even pollution plays a major factor. Sucks, right? Even though it may seem like no matter what you do or where you go, your hair will still grow weak and brittle, there ARE solutions! It just requires the right protein products & making sure they are present in your hair regime. 

I heard that you can over proteinized the hair?

Too much of a good thing can be damaging! However, most people have been mislead on this. There are two main types of protein categories: animal protein and plant protein. At Eau Salon, we mainly use Redken products, which are all plant protein. Even in their non-vegan lines! With plant protein it is quite difficult to overdo it. With animal protein on the other hand, it is very much possible. Too much protein can actually cause breakage and cause more problems then fix them. So if you can stick to the plants and play it safe!

Moral of the story - it’s all about balance. We recommend that most people should use a protein shampoo, conditioner or mask for sure. It doesn’t have to be all three, but at least some type of protein product for your hair will do the trick. If your hair is compromised or you are going about a big change, we would definitely recommend treatments and prepping it to be in the best shape BEFORE your Color/blonding service. We recommend the Redken Extreme Line.

Feel free to ask us more at your next appointment or what part of the Redken Extreme (protein) Line we would recommend for you!

We will be posting a little blog on the Redken Extreme Line + breakdown to help share the point of difference between the products. 

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