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how to protect your hair this summer- The summer haircare Guide

With summer arriving it means lake days, sand in our towels and popping open a nice crisp drink. We have waited months for this moment (especially in the prairies) and we are ready.

This is also the time where like our skin and our hair can be quite vulnerable. If you don't want the damage of the sun and want the least amount of fade-age from your colour, you have come to the right place. Lucky for you we have some tricks up our sleeves and products that will change your SUMMER HAIR GAME!

Tip #1 : It is time to change your shampoo + conditioner! You heard us.

Not all shampoo and conditioners are created equal! Many are formulated with very specific hair problems. so in this case you need REDKEN COLOR EXTEND SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER shop here

The reason why is you need a product that is specific against environmental issues like UV and UVA/B rays. This shampoo formula helps protect hair colour intensity by fighting the four causes of hair colour change: environmental aggressors like UV Rays, poor cuticle condition, colour altering minerals, and water. Basically the summer environment.

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Tip #2 : Avoid chlorine and salty waters!

We know you want that beautiful texture and beachy look that the salt can give you but stay away. Let us explain why particularly with salt, it's best you should avoid it if you can.

When salt is in the hair it is typically ok. However, when we add sunlight it acts as a catalyst causing a chemical reaction causing the hair to lighten and dry out. This is why we see people's hair get lighter in the summer! This also means it is fading our colour and it exposes our red, orange, and yellow undertones.

If you have to be in chlorinated or salty water, try to keep your hair as dry as you can if possible. If not we would recommend wearing it up or in a hat of some sort. A hat is one of the simplest ways of protecting your hair from dryness and fading.

And once you do take that summer swim, you'll need something to nourish that hair and repair your hair.

That's where Olaplex No.6 Bond Smoother is your new beach bag buddy!

Not only will it nourish your hair but it will combat and climate those flyways and frizz for up to 72 hours. Perfect for looking beach-ready!

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Tip #3 : Don't forget to SPF that scalp!

Your scalp is skin too! We often forget that this needs to be protected if we are not wearing a hat. Here is our list of favourite SCALP SPF

Tip #4 : Don't Over Wash

With the heat, sun products and sweating, we tend to wash our hair more - but it's best to avoid over washing. You worked hard in training that hair so let's keep up the routine! To help solve this dilemma, try out our TOP 2 DRY SHAMPOOS Living Proof Perfect Hair Day and Redken's Deep Clean!

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That's all the tips for now!! Keep that hair beautiful all through summer!

Until next time.

- Orla

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