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How To Beat Your Dry Hair This Winter

Updated: Jan 4

Dry hair? Frizzy? Cold Weather, we could go with the list of problems that winter can bring.

Much like skincare, you may also have to change your haircare routine coming into the colder months. And like us, if you live in Sask, that winter starts and lasts a little longer than most.

The biggest thing with dry hair is it's thirsty. This lack of moisture causes a lack of softness, straw-like feeling, stiff to-brush, and frizzy hair. So how do we get that moisture back in?

It starts with a strong foundation, and in hair care, that means shampoo, conditioner & mask.

We start treating the problem in the shower, not just after, to ensure the healthiest hair we can.

This also may mean mixing and matching depending on hair type too!

Let's start with a shampoo & conditioner.

Fine Hair :

Oribe Alchemy Shampoo - Great for dry, brittle hair, Fine hair is often more sensitive to breakage and has a less strong structure. This is also a lightweight shampoo.

Oribe Magnificent Volume Conditioner - This is a lightweight gel-based conditioner. Note gel, not cream. This means it will give the body moisture without overly weighing it down.

Medium / Regular :

Oribe Gold Lust Shampoo - is going to repair and protect while adding moisture back into the hair. The Signature is also a great place to start.

Oribe Gold Lust Conditioner - Best sellers for a reason. This will add beautiful moisture back in a while, also repairing any damage.

Coarse Hair :

Oribes Moisture and Control Shampoo - designed for curly hair (naturally on the dryer side); this is one of the most moisturizing lines in Oribe. You do not need curly hair to get the benefits of this shampoo.

Oribes Brillance Conditioner - A thicker conditioner with shine & moisture. This will have your hair feeling smooth, de-frizzed and moisturized.

The Masks :

Our absolute favourite mask has got to be The Signature Moisture Mask in Oribe, and it is a hidden gem. With a pot designed, you can scope out the amount of product you need. A little goes a long way! A super-rich indulgence. This creme de la creme deep hydrating masque transforms even the driest hair, leaving it supremely soft and irresistibly touchable.

We recommend starting your winter routine by switching your shampoo, conditioner and mask routine. Build from the foundation up!

I hope this helps, and Stay tuned for part 2 on products.

- The Eau Salon Team

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