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It comes with a never seen before hair technology and science—first back story.

The creators of olaplex (the scientists) sold olaplex and created something to push the hair care boundaries even further!

What is it, you ask? K18 Biomimetic Science.

The results are incredible. As a stylist behind the chair, you can see many similar products come and go with different scents, scents, etc. But essentially identical results, but this is truly a revolution in haircare and the first of its kind.

A company that brings fearless innovation forward and pushes boundaries past where they can go.

You will be free to upgrade to this pre-treatment for an extra $20 add-on service if you are interested. I am going to explain why most people will need this.


When hair gets damaged, the polypeptide chains (keratin chains) that make up the inner structure of hair strands become weakened and break. For context, there are billions and billions of keratin chains in a single strand of hair. When these are damaged, hair’s core structure becomes compromised, and, as a result, it loses its strength, elasticity, resiliency, and shine. (SOURCE - K18 WEBSITE)


The K18Peptide™. Travelling into the inner-most layers of hair to reach the core polypeptide chains (keratin chains), our revolutionary K18Peptide™ is just the right size and makeup to fit in and reconnect broken chains.

And because our peptide is a bit of an overachiever, any disturbed disulphide bonds are also re-confirmed due to this reconnection. (SOURCE - K18 WEBSITE)


Their peptide employs biomimetics to get the job done. To put it simply: Biomimetics is the practice of learning from and mimicking nature. Mimicking the natural structure of keratin building blocks (amino acid sequences), K18 bioactive peptide is recognized as natural by the hair.

It’s not washed away by water or shampoo like traditional bonding agents either, making K18 a real, lasting solution for damaged strands.

The more damaged the hair, the more frantic the results. Let us help you get your healthy hair back to where it should be!

With one hair salon treatment, hair is restored to 91% original strength* and 94% original hair elasticity*.

Book or upgrade to the K18 TREATMENT!

Take home retail Coming Soon!

*Results observed in a clinical study while using mist and mask as part of bleaching treatment. Results may way.

Until next time.

- Orla

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