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The season has started to change. Confusing us with still moments of hot weather, with a chill in the wind and evenings. This also means scarf hair is just around the corner! The frizz, the flyaways! Don't panic quite yet, I have a couple of tricks up ourselves to help with that!

1. You need to be using a shampoo with moisture.

This can sound scary, especially if you have finer hair. Either lack of moisture or humidity causes static and frizz. Meaning we need to keep those locks nice and moisture. Much like how we may have to move to a heavier moisturizer for our skin during the fall-winter months the same goes for our hair! The shampoo is the easiest way without weighing it down too much.

I would recommend the new Acdic Bonder shampoo. With a friendly price point as well as a list of multiple benefits. This will be your new go-to, trust me.

2. Cut down on the dry shampoo.

You heard me. Dry shampoo soaks up excess oil. However, during the dryer colder months, hair tends to not get as greasy due to the change in the environment! It can over-dry your hair out and be counterproductive. If you opt for dry shampoo, remember to add oil and moisture through your mid and ends.

3. Grab the mask (and we are not talking face mask)

Once a week or every three washes, you need to be swapping out your regular conditioner with a moisture mask. Olaplaex has the No.8 Moisture mask that will give you the instant moisture, body and softness to help fight the frizz and static this season.

4. Add that oil

As mentioned above, you need to be adding oil to your mid-shaft and ends. I opt for the little liquid gold Olaplaex no.7. It can be used on dry or damp, has a heat protectant and is weightless. Meaning it is suitable for all hair types. My hot tip is to use it before bed so it can nurture your hair as you sleep!

5. Grab that dryer sheet

Places to be but don't have the handbag space to carry a full product? If you run a dryer sheet quickly over your hair, it will instantly get rid of scarf hair and those flyaways. A quick fix if you have somewhere to be. It seems crazy, but it works, and they take up no space.

6. Invest in a leave-in

We have multiple options depending on your hair type and texture. You can opt for a spray like Redken One United or a Cream like Olaplaex No.6, both have frizz and humidity blockers. At the same time, adding shine and nurturing your hair. Making your hair look and feel amazing.

Happy Hair Days

- Orla

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